2003 ‘NECC’ designer clothes Fashion Show (HUN)


When I was a little child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I have more then 200 sheets of paper full with costume designs. Then I changed my mind and I fed up with this passion. But I’ve never liked to feel my art is wasted time. So when I was 14 I browsed through my previous plans and I choosed 7 clothes to make a fashion show in a festival. Thanks for my family supports and a lovely dressmaker from the street my drawings have become real dresses. 2003_mw_necc_divatbemutato_009

Unfortunetly the video copy is disappeared after the show and I have only these made by family pictures and of course the dresses. (Maybe I should take new photos from them) But you can recognize well the dark garnish. It happened because, I was teen, the models are my teen-friends from the pub and I liked to make shock on visitors’ faces. – I got this reaction. – In that performance was Bible, chained boy, incantation etc. But the dresses are not necessarily connected with this dark style


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