2007 ‘Become Jenő!’ action art (HUN)

Jenő is this man with this quite characteristic beard. He was not just festival director, he was dominant person in the Hungarian not-populist art life. He has been retired in the 2018 year. Not least he interested in about the cult of personlaity, Stalin, Lenin, Mao etc. and he doesn’t like to appear in press. So why don’t you want to BE JENŐ!?

In 2007 I was looking for some lovely yarns for my new weaving projcet when I found a hairy black yarn with little white color. I bought it and crocheted lot of Jenő beards from it. During the festival I started to hand out them for ‘give as you think’. So from the first night not just visitors but musicians and other artists were walking from one venue to the others while they were wearing Jenő beard. That was a surprise for him. It was working pretty well.

This cult of personlaity idea with him have stucked in the others mind as well. This thought is appearing mostly in his birthdays.


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