2007 ‘SUN’ Beanbag Chair


My secondary school exam project was this ‘SUN’ Beanbag Chair. Of course we had to weave something complex. I love the different cultures symbols. I chose the sun motif. I collected and woven them. But why I made a beanbag chair pattern from them?

2007 was the golden age of beanbag chairs in Hungary, but I hated them. They were so unconfortable, or it was hard to find the comfy way to sitting on it. And to stand up was almost impossible. So I wanted to creat a beanbag chair in a most cozy way.


I’m not too strong with planning on paper, you can see it. That was my only pattern design… Anyway my imagine was a wider, ‘L’ form chair, because when you sit down you have not just backrest but you have armrest as well and finally you never ever have to feel you have two arms and is it a problem when you are in a beanbag chair.


The grey ‘ball’ is my cat, who was more active while I was making the beanbag, and he could shove Polystyrene beads to everywhere… He is 13 years old at the moment…( 2019)

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