2015 – 2017 ‘Origami Game’ & ‘Panel’ Bag collection

Less cut – more foldings. That was my conception when I was starting to creat bags based on origami forms.

With this idea I made the 3 samples in the top. I won a first price with them in Fashion Crowd Challenge and online exhibition.

Then I created a couple of version from the small, 3in1 handbags, which I call CIBAK. You can use them for envelope bags, fannypacks and sholder bags as well. They are based on a army cap origami form.

Later I created 4 other samples as well and I applied with them to a bag maker course, named International Art & Design Competition, Italy. I won the 2. prices, that meant I could spend 1 year in a school free of charge. But the life, flat, meals etc. still need to pay by myself and I didn’t find any support system, so finally I couldn’t take the opportunity.


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