2015 – 2017 ‘Punctually Punch’ Art Crafts Shop


I established an artcraft online store, called: Punctually Punch Art Shop.

I asked for a small amount of local-council support to start my business and I won it. Then I created an Indiegogo Crowdfund Campaign. In that time, I didn’t reach the full ‘dreamed’ amount, but luckily I got enough money to buy a professional, leather sewing machine and some other tools.

It was a very busy period. I’ve maden more than 100 unique pieces, it’s just a selection of them:

I offered several services, party decorations, costum orders, personalized gifts etc.

I was a diligent blog post writer in that time, so if you want to sink more into my PPunch creations, or you are interested in about how they are made, or which one is matching good with the others, you only need to click here: here.

Last but not least you can check my handmade business adds as well:


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