2015 – 2017 ‘Punctually Punch’ Art Crafts Shop


You can clearly see in the menu I have done more organizer, community works and less creations from 2010 until 2014. I could feel the disharmony after 2 years so I needed some change. I procreated my artcraft online store, called: Punctually Punch Art Shop.

I applied and won a little local-council support to start my business. Then I created an Indiegogo Crowdfund Campaign. I didn’t reach the full ‘dreamed’ amount, but luckily I got enough money to buy a professional, leather sewing machine and some other tools.

It was a very busy period. I have plenty of plans all the time and it was the perfect time to materialized them. So in my webstore you can found lots of – lots of things:

I couldn’t show you everything in this little post, because you could choose from more than 100 pieces after a 1 year. But I can show you some adds and moods pictures and I hope you can imagine the others:

But If you want to sink more into my hand-craft creations, you can find everything in my blog. I created lots of posts: just for the items; how they are made; or which one is matching good with the others etc. You can find them easily if you click here

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