2016 – Pattern Design – Vida Shop


I joined to the VIDA group in 2016 as a pattern designer with these watercolor paints.

I really like this possibilites. I can be anywhere in the world, the only thing what I need is a good internet connection to be part of this corporation. Okay, I need one more thing, my fantasy:

Then I moved to the middle of the Dartmoor National Park, England. Nature everywhere. The locals are live together with wildlife in a followed way. Calm, relaxing and inspired life was it with poor internet connection. But this little difficulty couldn’t keep me away from my idea. I imagined clothes and accessories with my nature photograpy. Because I want to draw attention how important is the nature. So please, love the nature, care about the nature and


Of course, I have some out of concept ideas as well, e.g. this CROISSANT patter design. I love baking, and that was my very first time to try to make traditionally, home-made pastry for Croissant and I was so proud of myself, I had to captured it:

Anything what you want to know about VIDA, you can find in this video:


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