2012 – 2013 ‘Museums for Everyone’ (HUN) culture programme for disadvantaged people


I was the organizer, pressofficer, contact person, webpage editor and tender assistant in the ‘Museums for Everyone’ programme series. The programme financed by TAMOP (Social Reform Operational Program). That time the Xántus János Museum was the main museum in Győr-Moson-Sopron County. It was a home of the local history-, archaeological- and ethnographic permanent exhibitions and several other collections. One of the Baroque Room was a home of a renewed Giraffe Piano.


We were connected with several primary schools and local family support officies to organize to the disadvantaged people free programms where they can learn their own history and a little music history. The folk holidays were the thematic base, so one person could come several times to the museum. As you can read in the title of the programme our goal was to convinced the disadvantaged people and children that museums are for everyone, not just for the rich- or educated people. They can come anytime.

I was a freelancer worker in that project, but the Xántus János Museum’s worker team was one of my best colleauge-team in my life. I joined to the photography collection digitizer team. I could help to build several temporary exhibitions. I was a co-teacher in other museum programmes and museum camps especially in the Fruhmann House. Frumann House is a tile stove museum and work space.

( Since that time the Győr-Moson-Sopron County got a new museum director. After several organizational changed, Xántus János Museum renamed to Apátúr House, then they are closed it. It is a shame, but next to the previous workers and a couple of culture, civil workers no one has a problem with this decision in the city. )

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