2014 – 2015 ‘Forgotten Past’ collection of sheet music archiving


I studied music in the primary school and I worked before as a digitizer. Thanks for this two facts I could joint to a really small team to systematize and digitizing Benedek Istvánffy’s Music Library.

The Archives of the Dioceses of Győr got the 1600 pieces collection in 2012. 165 pieces was in the really bad condition. Anyone could give a money for their restorations, thanks for the Archives ‘Adopt your own Past’ programms.

The Benedek Istvánffy’s Music Library is the second superabundantest collection in Hungary. Thanks for our jobs anyone can explore it across the Digital Library in the Archives of the Dioceses of Győr. Since we finished our work, and every sheet music was restored, the collection was a topic in several scientific conferences and nowdays you can see a smaller exhibition from them in Győr.


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