2017 – 2019 ‘End of the World Project’ (UK)


from the Symbolic moorland to the Real moorland

My opinion is: if you want to reach something in Hungary, you have to be a fighter. And while you struggle You have to be careful to won’t loose your humanity.

Before I left Hungary, I said lot of NO or ‘Goodbye’ in my work, especially in the civil-culture areas. My only reason was I want to take look in the mirror every day. Even so every day more and more I felt I’m standing in the moorland. I needed some distance. So in the early April, 2017 I found myself with my partner, Muczkó, in the real moorland, middle of the Dartmoor National Park, England.

At once My new life was full with nature, – legends, – new challanges, – inspirations and – adventures. Dartmoor could be our home. I learned quite easily how I can live together with the highly changeable nature, how I can manage my life without phone signal, with less people and  with very poor internet connection. The emphases in my life have been in a good places. After Dartmoor we are traveld a lot in the UK and a little in Europea. We stayed maximum 3 months in a place. We finished our almost 3 years trip in Inishturk Island, Ireland where the population is less than 50 people.

ART Habens Art Review Interview with me about End of the World Projct ( pages 34-63)


28 months, 6 World Heritage places, 5 sparsely populated areas, 2 National Parks, 1 Tax Haven and 8035 hours sheep baa. The result is 28 art pieces, inspired by the locals, the legendaries and the wildlife. Made from nature- and human- wastes.

You can find more details from each art pieces if you click here.

If you are interested in about our adventurs in pictures you can look around here.

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