2021 – Shoe Tree Serie

Fall In – Shoe Tree Serie, 2021

Hungarian people are collectors. That’s my fortune. Our grandparents left behind lot of inspiring stuff and my Father, well, he is still collecting. Thanks to them for creating this Shoe Tree Serie.

Wires are the only freshly purchased materials. Everything else comes from our past and our home…

Phoenix is symbol of rebirth. We need this ability during this unpredictable period. In my sculpture we may see the passing or the renewal. It can be scary or call to action. Depending on the viewer, like half-full / half-empty glass.

Made from found stuff and wire. 

Moving sculpture with my own accordion music

Fall in…, these two words have a lot of very different meanings: fall into somewhere; fall in love; to begin to participate in something, to become organized in a particular way; to experience a significant, usually unpleasant, change in state, to obtain something, typically unexpectedly or with little effort…

With these two figures one of these is happening, right now. Which one? Are they helping each other or are they fighting?

Made from found stuff, a given vinyl record and wire.
Categories: ART

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