About Flora O.H.

I’m artist, art therapist, community worker and traveller.
I love to give new life to natural ‘waste’ and human ‘waste’ as well. I have an oldfashioned soul like a strange grandma with a little dementia who loves to weave, crochet, embroider and tinker but she’s forgotten to use the correct materials for these activities

Flora O. Hartyandi (HUN)


Art and Sociotherapy Group Leader
(2014 – 2017)

Hand-drawn Animator
(2008 – 2009)
MARA, Pannonia Film Studio Hungary

Textile and Weaving Art
(2002 – 2007)
Gyoerer Dance and Fine Arts High School


Origami Game bag collection
International Art & Design Competition(ITA), 2017

Under the Skin ink drawn
Meati Fashion & Design Competition (FRA), 2016


Article – Mozgó Világ, 7-8 edition (HUN)
A tárgyak új élete – Gárdonyi László

Interview – Artistcloseup
about my art-life,

Interview – Art Habens Art Review, Special Edition (UK)
about ’The End of the World Project’ and my art-life, 34 – 63. pages

ArticleColor and Grace (USA)
Special Art Accessories from Punctually Punch Art Shop

Interview – Krafty (HUN)
Who is behind the unique art accessories (in Hungarian)

ArticleDesign és Lakberendezés (HUN)
Unique accessories to stands out from the crowd (in Hungarian)

ArticleBohémesküvő (HUN)
It is possible: purple-pink and creative Bachelorette party (in Hungarian)

‘In art everything is possible – I like that!’

… but what is the point in talking about something – even through my art – I have no clue or experience of?

I’m seriously interested in about folk arts, symbols of different nations and the traditional techniques. They are the foundation of my art. I got theme, inspiration from the changing world arround me. I have been living in a new society and new life-situations during my travels. I have been talking a lot about the function and driving forces of the given people. I watch myself, too. I try to understand human nature. I wonder who does what and why is it important? Is it the right way to live?… When I feel I find a question, -truth, -solution, which is affecting many people, I think I have to incorporate it in my art. 
I try to create complex, alternative worlds, that the viewer inevitably becomes a part of it, cannot be able to remain an outsider: immerse in them, see them, feel them, discover, create a story around what they see, use their imagination…’


2022 – Green Humor-Green Art Puregreen Nature Park (AU), exhibition
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Fluidity; God-Geyza; 4Tits Joe and an At

2022 – MANK Gallery (HUN), exhibition and sale
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Metamorphosis

2021 – Exhibizone: Diversia: Nature (CAN), online exhibition and sale
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Handy Dragonfly

2021 – Venice International Art Fair (ITA), canceled event – COVID19
(group exhibition)
Juried artworks: Phoenix, Metamorphosis, God-Geyza

2021Masters & Disciples Jubilee exhibitio (HUN), delayed event – COVID19
(group exhibition)
Juried artworks: Brainy, Bug Charles, Meadow Picture, Metamorphosis, Handy Dragonfly

2020 – Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering (HUN), Online show – COVID19
(solo exhibition)
The End of the World Project

2019 – 8. Neustadt Art Festival (GER)
(solo exhibition)
The End of the World Project

2016 – Masters & Disciples (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Juried art works: selection of a Punctually Punch Art Shop’s items

2015 – Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala (CAN)
(fashion show)
Juried art work: Pets and Beats recycling dress

2015 – Fashion Crowd Challenge (UK)
(online show)
Juried art work: Origami Game bag collection

2012 – Weavings (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Juried art works: Bags & Woven bag collection

2009 – DejaVu (HUN)
(group exhibition)
ink drawing series: Geometric faces

2007 – Professional Exam Show (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Bags & Woven bag collection.

2003 – Mediawave International Film and Music Festival (HUN)
(solo fashion show)
own fashion collection, call NECC


2019 – EVEN NOW Spring Shop – Punctually Punch Art
Clothes and accessories with Chubby, Shakey and Witty hand drawn pattern

2017 – EVEN NOW Vida Shop
Clothes and accessories with ‘Wear the Nature’ photography pattern

2016 – EVEN NOW Vida Shop
Clothes and accessories with ‘Watercolor’ handpainted, abstract pattern

2008 – EVEN NOW Graphics-, Web- and Events Design
(for order)
Posters, banners, webpages, invitation cards, celebrations decorations etc.

2016 – 2017 Punctually Punch Art Shop
My webstore to unique fashion and home accessories, stationeries

2006 – 2016 In Films
As costume designer, animation background and figure creator, production assistant

2006 – 2007 Recycling Fashion Group
(work and sale)
Community action