About Flora O.H.

I’m artist, art therapist, community worker and traveller.
I love to give new life to natural ‘waste’ and human ‘waste’ as well. I have an oldfashioned soul like a strange grandma with a little dementia who loves to weave, crochet, embroider and tinker but she’s forgotten to use the correct materials for these activities

Flora O. Hartyandi (HUN)


(2022 – expected 2024)
Gyoerer SZC Gabor Laszlo Construction and Wood Industry Vocational School

Art and Sociotherapy Group Leader
(2014 – 2017)

Hand-drawn Animator
(2008 – 2009)
MARA, Pannonia Film Studio Hungary

Textile and Weaving Art
(2002 – 2007)
Gyoerer Dance and Fine Arts High School


We are the People No.1
Art Show International Gallery (LA,USA), 2023

Origami Game bag collection
International Art & Design Competition (ITA), 2017

Under the Skin ink drawn
Meati Fashion & Design Competition (FRA), 2016


Article – Mozgó Világ, 7-8 edition (HUN)
A tárgyak új élete – Gárdonyi László

Interview – Artistcloseup
about my art-life,

Interview – Art Habens Art Review, Special Edition (UK)
about ’The End of the World Project’ and my art-life, 34 – 63. pages

ArticleColor and Grace (USA)
Special Art Accessories from Punctually Punch Art Shop

Interview – Krafty (HUN)
Who is behind the unique art accessories (in Hungarian)

ArticleDesign és Lakberendezés (HUN)
Unique accessories to stands out from the crowd (in Hungarian)

ArticleBohémesküvő (HUN)
It is possible: purple-pink and creative Bachelorette party (in Hungarian)

‘In art everything is possible – I like that!’

… but what is the point in talking about something – even through my art – I have no clue or experience of?

I’m seriously interested in about folk arts, symbols of different nations and the traditional techniques. They are the foundation of my art. I got theme, inspiration from the changing world arround me. I have been living in a new society and new life-situations during my travels. I have been talking a lot about the function and driving forces of the given people. I watch myself, too. I try to understand human nature. I wonder who does what and why is it important? Is it the right way to live?… When I feel I find a question, -truth, -solution, which is affecting many people, I think I have to incorporate it in my art. 
I try to create complex, alternative worlds, that the viewer inevitably becomes a part of it, cannot be able to remain an outsider: immerse in them, see them, feel them, discover, create a story around what they see, use their imagination…’


2023 – The Artworks: Nature’s Endurance (UK), exhibition
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Meadow

2022 – Green Humor-Green Art Puregreen Nature Park (AU), exhibition
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Fluidity; God-Geyza; 4Tits Joe and an At

2022 – MANK Gallery (HUN), exhibition and sale
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Metamorphosis

2021 – Exhibizone: Diversia: Nature (CAN), online exhibition and sale
(group exhibition)
Juried artwork: Handy Dragonfly

2021 – Venice International Art Fair (ITA), canceled event – COVID19
(group exhibition)
Juried artworks: Phoenix, Metamorphosis, God-Geyza

2021Masters & Disciples Jubilee exhibitio (HUN), delayed event – COVID19
(group exhibition)
Juried artworks: Brainy, Bug Charles, Meadow Picture, Metamorphosis, Handy Dragonfly

2020 – Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering (HUN), Online show – COVID19
(solo exhibition)
The End of the World Project

2019 – 8. Neustadt Art Festival (GER)
(solo exhibition)
The End of the World Project

2016 – Masters & Disciples (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Juried art works: selection of a Punctually Punch Art Shop’s items

2015 – Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala (CAN)
(fashion show)
Juried art work: Pets and Beats recycling dress

2015 – Fashion Crowd Challenge (UK)
(online show)
Juried art work: Origami Game bag collection

2012 – Weavings (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Juried art works: Bags & Woven bag collection

2009 – DejaVu (HUN)
(group exhibition)
ink drawing series: Geometric faces

2007 – Professional Exam Show (HUN)
(group exhibition)
Bags & Woven bag collection.

2003 – Mediawave International Film and Music Festival (HUN)
(solo fashion show)
own fashion collection, call NECC


2019 – EVEN NOW Spring Shop – Punctually Punch Art
Clothes and accessories with Chubby, Shakey and Witty hand drawn pattern

2017 – EVEN NOW Vida Shop
Clothes and accessories with ‘Wear the Nature’ photography pattern

2016 – EVEN NOW Vida Shop
Clothes and accessories with ‘Watercolor’ handpainted, abstract pattern

2008 – EVEN NOW Graphics-, Web- and Events Design
(for order)
Posters, banners, webpages, invitation cards, celebrations decorations etc.

2016 – 2017 Punctually Punch Art Shop
My webstore to unique fashion and home accessories, stationeries

2006 – 2016 In Films
As costume designer, animation background and figure creator, production assistant

2006 – 2007 Recycling Fashion Group
(work and sale)
Community action