2012 ‘Re-Likvia’ recycling competition and exhibition


In 2012 the environmental awareness started to be popular in Hungary if we can belive the press and the commercial media. I wanted to know how we are thinking about this in the real world. That’s why I announced an openmind, recylcing spirit tender, called ‘Re-Likvia’ in the 22nd Mediawave Festival (nowdays Mediawave Gathering) .


Everybody could apply, it wasn’t important who they are, are they a group, a single person or an artist, they have an idea, they have a project or the recycling is the basic in their art… So really everybody. Thanks for this mentality we got almost 200 very colorful, exciting application materials.

We tried to presentate as much as possible. The exhibitions, workshops and community programms were available in the whole festival. Every other projects and shows are got a whole day when they could introduce themself completed with led by environmentalists conference. The project was very succesful and popular. The festival main-organizers are still in contact with couple of artists and organizations from the competition and they are still organize similar but smaller competitions, programmes every year.

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